20. Sep, 2018

Angel Of HEAT Full Movie Online Free

Angel Of H.E.A.T. Full Movie Online Free ->>> DOWNLOAD

A mad scientist uses an army of androids and a device that can disintegrate metal to try to steal microchips containing top secret information. The government dispatches a beautiful female agent to st

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original title: Angel of H.E.A.T.

genge: Action,Comedy,Sci-Fi

imdb: 3.9

duration: 1h 33min

tags: Where there's action, there's . . .

keywords: gaggedwoman, madscientist, microchip, femalegovernmentagent, rafting, martialarts, womanbeatingupaman, femaleprotagonist, sexcomedy, themesong, brawl, lesbianinterest, toplessfemalenudity, femalemarti
















































A mad scientist uses an army of androids and a device that can disintegrate metal to try to steal microchips containing top secret information. The government dispatches a beautiful female agent to stop him. Some movies I see, the mind just boggles. At moments through Angel Of Heat (a far stretch from what Marilyn Chambers normally does, a further stretch was of course, Rabid) this boring misfire of an action dud, had me opting to watch Insatiable. You've got a porn star, and we know the course Marilyn's acting takes. She's a sham, but if you're gonna make an action, sort of sci fi film, it needs to have action and involvement. The weight of description of story through dialogue, without much happening really made this one a bore, I was mystified and dumbfounded. I knew what this film was like, as having seen it years ago, and before that, and my opinion hasn't changed, one iota. If anything, it reminded me, just how bad this movie was. Each viewing always disappoints, (god knows what goes through execs minds at script conferences) Most of the actors for their performances, ought to be clobbered. One such disappointment was Woronov. The uptight head of the agency and Albert, the lead villain and mad scientific genius, who has a whole squad of humans under his command, where under their skin, they're actually robots, composed of different parts, a beautiful clever facade, were really the only two acting. Discounting Angel (Marilyn) who ends up with this elite duo, Woronov and hunky Johnson, are summoned by their boss, on a new mission, to track down this evil formula, used on our guinea pig robots, so the fate of the world are in these two people's hand. The title song is great and in the last scene, Chambers does, what she does best, and it's not acting. If you are seeking an action film, and a chance to ogle over a manifold of scenes of seeing Marilyn nude, you'll strike out on both cylinders here, particular the action factor. Honestly just rent Robocop again. Way back when I was a wee lad, in the early days of cable television, Angel of H.E.A.T was a late-night staple of the newborn industry. My young mind was sent reeling by the possibilities of a sexually-charged action film starring an ex-pornstar, but my family didn't have cable at the time, and all I could do was read the TV listings and dream. Many years have gone by since then, but I never got around to seeing Angel until now. While it certainly doesn't live up to my pubescent imaginings (what could?), I was pleasantly surprised to find it a fairly clever, campy, playful romp.

The story is actually pretty solid - Mark and Samantha are government agents concerned about the activities of a vigilante group called the Protectors, and are also looking into the theft of top-secret microchips from a big defense contractor. The Protectors are also on the trail of the thieves, sending their agent, Angel Harmony, to put a stop to it. Paths cross, agents, vigilantes, and androids are thrown together, occasional light coupling takes place, and eventually the two groups team up to take on the villain.

But don't expect this movie to take itself seriously. The whole film is tinged with a borscht-belt wackiness which occasionally breaks out into full-blown vaudeville, well-timed to pick up the slack, keep the movie entertaining, and move it along smoothly.


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