18. Sep, 2018

Radioactive Dreams Telugu Full Movie Download

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After a nuclear war, Phillip Hammer and Marlowe Chandler have spent fifteen years on their own in a bunker, stuffed with junk from the 40s and old detective novels. Now, nineteen-years-old,...

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original title: Radioactive Dreams

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Music,Sci-Fi

imdb: 5.6

duration: 1h 38min

tags: Meet Phillip and Marlowe, the post-nuclear private eyes. They're looking for good times and fast women. Their first case could be the world's last.

keywords: ghettoblaster, postthermonuclearwar, urbansetting, postapocalypse, nuclearholocaust, nuclearbomb, bombshelter, cannibalism

































After a nuclear war, Phillip Hammer and Marlowe Chandler have spent fifteen years on their own in a bunker, stuffed with junk from the 40s and old detective novels. Now, nineteen-years-old, they leave their shelter to find a world full of mutants, freaks, and cannibals. They become famous detectives in the struggle for the two keys that could fire the last nuclear weapon. The eighties, some of my favorite movies have come from this time and most of them failed to find an audience. Such films as Buckaroo Banzai, Streets of Fire and Radioactive Dreams found new ways to tell classic stories and over the years Streets and Banzai have both developed cult followings but sadly Radioactive Dreams has never been able to find its fan base. It may be because it has never been released on DVD, it could be the terrible music number that grinds the movie to a halt just when the excitement should be building but perhaps it is just too odd.

The story is the standard hard boiled detective yarn with the dick trying to play several sides against each other and discovering the danger of putting their trust in the wrong person. At least it would be standard if not for the Post-Apocalyptic setting and the fact that our heroes have spent almost their entire lives locked up in a bomb shelter and have picked up all they know about the world from reading detective novels. These changes allows the characters to actually grow from kids playing a game to two guys trying not to become cynics in the face of a world were everyone only consider their own best interests and everyone is expendable.

One of the problems with the film for first time viewers is the way that the tone changes from a pretty light hearted beginning to a much darker conclusion. When watching it the second time the shift does not take you off guard and you can just appreciate the film.

If I have made it sound more serious than it is I apologize. It is a fun, very entertaining entry in the Post-Apoc genre and needs a DVD release so it has a chance at building new fans. I purchased this as an old rental VHS tape from an Amazon third party vendor, hoping that it would be a gem in the rough. More rough than gem, that's for sure. The two leads provide breathtakingly awful acting. There's enough molasses-slow pacing here to make one those lethargic 50's era B-movies seem like an amphetamine commercial directed by Tony Scott. Of course that's only when new-wave punk 80's band members aren't blowing each other across the screen. Blowing up. I meant to say blowing each other up.

If you are a cult film fan, then all the pain you have to endure with a movie like this is just part of the fun. For the rest of us... well, bring one of those bags the airlines keep in the back of every seat. You'll need it for scenes with lines such as, "...that was our first encounter with disco mutants. I was sure it wouldn't be our last."

I would only recommend this if you and your friends get high every day and enjoy watching popcorn pop. Just don't take anything too strange or you may end up gnawing off your own hand.


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